Solutions for industrial roofs

The challenges of industrial roofs:

Reliable waterproofing on different material substrates and integration of complicated details.

The Triflex claim:

Solutions for permanently secure roof waterproofing with extended refurbishment intervals. Solutions for long-term profitability and minimised follow-up costs. Solutions for simple, detailed and complicated roof constructions with good connection possibilities. Solved together.

Benefits of Triflex liquid plastic waterproofing for industrial roofs:

  • Adhesion to more than 1,400 tested substrates: Triflex products can be used flexibly.
  • Integration of intricate connections, tricky details and narrow joints: the liquid plastic wraps itself like a skin around all complicated roof constructions.
  • Rainproof after just 30 minutes, completely cured after 45 minutes: quick project realisation, quick release, short closure periods.
  • Resistant to weather, UV and hydrolysis: permanently functional solutions.
  • Can be applied all year round at temperatures down to -5°C: project implementation even in the cold winter months.
  • Certified in the highest performance categories: Maximum safety, tried-and-tested solutions.
  • Excellent durability (expected useful life according to ETA approval is at least 25 years): highly economical due to longer intervals between refurbishments.
Industrial hall with sawtooth roof, Essen

PU-insulated sawtooth roof

  • Project: Industrial hall with sawtooth roof, Essen
  • Solution: Triflex ProDetail
  • Client: Sparkasse Essen
  • Application: Homeier Bedachungen GmbH, Essen
  • Area: 4,300 m²
  • Substrate: In-situ PU foam
  • Completion: 2008
Logistics hall, Teresin (Poland)

Metal roof with rainwater gutter

  • Project: Logistics hall, Teresin (Poland)
  • Solution: Triflex ProDetail
  • Client: Pro Logis
  • Application: PHU Dekpo
  • Area: 526 m rainwater gutter including 1,780 standing seams
  • Substrate: Metal roof with bitumen sheeting
  • Completion: 2010
Vattenfall Machine Hall, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Arched roof with hollow tile ceiling construction

  • Project: Vattenfall Machine Hall, Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • Solution: Triflex ProTect (area), ProDetail (joints)
  • Client: Vattenfall Europe Berlin AG & Co. KG
  • Application: Palluth Dachbau GmbH, Berlin
  • Area: 3,300 m² and 1,500 running metres of junctions
  • Substrate: Bituminous
  • Completion: 2007
Tag Aviation – Cointrin Airport, Geneva (Switzerland)

Special waterproofing of a metal roof

  • Project: Tag Aviation, Cointrin Airport Geneva
  • Solution: Triflex ProDetail, Triflex ProFibre
  • Client: Tag Aviation Geneva
  • Application: Piovano Etanchéité Yverdon
  • Area: Connections and transitions on a roof over 10,000 m² in size
  • Substrate: Metal
  • Completion: 2009
TAIG Industrial Hall, Althofen (Austria)

Metal roof with various details

  • Project: TAIG Industrial Hall, Althofen, Austria
  • Solution: Triflex Metal Coat/Triflex ProDetail
  • Client: Treibacher Industrie AG
  • Application: PCB Beschichtungstechnik, St. Veit an der Glan
  • Surfaces/joints 1,300 m²/1,100 running metres
  • Substrate: Trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Completion: 2014

Reference overview for industrial roofs