Triflex junctions, joints & details

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Fundamentally waterproof. Down to the smallest detail.

Triflex solutions for junctions, joints & details

Whether in new construction or refurbishment, joints, connection details, building movements at intersections or cracks: Triflex waterproofing solutions come into their own when handling complicated details. The flexible material together with the fleece reinforcement ensures seamless and jointless waterproofing. Triflex gives you more than just a waterproofing product; with our training and service and your application expertise, it is the best possible all-round solution to meet every challenge.

Simple and ideal for refurbishments


  • Simple application even on vertical surfaces
  • Satisfies European tests with an external fire load of BROOF (t1, t2, t3, t4)
  • Maximum loading level P4: reliable waterproofing of even soft roofing membranes and thermally insulated surfaces
  • Hail impact test as per DIN EN 13583
  • Replaces complex structures such as apron plates on metal roofs
Tried-and-tested and robust

Balconies and multi-storey car parks

  • Can be applied on any substrate geometry
  • Simple refurbishment in the joint area
  • Heat-resistant up to +50°C for use under mastic asphalt
  • Application without a flame on wooden frames and plastic sections
  • Can withstand high mechanical loads, also suitable for roll overs
  • Can be simply recoated even after extended periods
  • Can be used on mastic asphalt
Dynamic crack-bridging properties


  • Exceptional flexibility and loading capacity
  • Expansion joint formation for green areas and areas for pedestrians and vehicle traffic
  • Tested for waterproof concrete joints according to the “Junctions of structural waterproofing on concrete components with high water penetration resistance” (PG-ÜBB) testing principles
  • Heat-resistant up to +250°C for use as splash water protection under mastic asphalt
Extremely strong and wear-resistant

Foundations and bases

  • Full-surface, fleece-reinforced waterproofing system with a single-component polyurethane base
  • Adhesion on damp concrete without primer
  • Free from solvents and isocyanates, ideal for odour-sensitive areas
  • Fire classification as per DIN EN 13501-1: Class E
  • Resistant to external fire exposure as per DIN EN 13501, BROOF (t1), BROOF (t2) and BROOF (t4)
  • UV stable, hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant