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Waterproofing under mastic asphalt with Triflex AWS

Triflex AWS is a fully reinforced waterproofing system, which is used underneath mastic asphalt. This heat-resistant system, made from fast-curing polymethyl methacrylate resins (PMMA), allows swift completion and seals all joints and details seamlessly. Liquid-applied waterproofing used in conjunction with mastic asphalt in new buildings and refurbishments offer an alternative combination to standard technology, with the benefits of innovative waterproofing technology for both details and full surfaces.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Short processing times: the wearing layer of mastic asphalt can be applied after just 3 hours
  • Technically and visually clean connections: Triflex AWS does not require mechanical flashing strips at connection areas
  • Easy to maintain: Triflex AWS has excellent mechanical and chemical stability. The system is hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant. It also fully bonds to the substrate preventing the underflow of rainwater. This means that any leakages are easy to locate and repair
  • Certified safety: Triflex ProDetail has obtained European Technical Approval (ETA) and meets the requirements of the Construction Products Directive of the EU (CE marking). The material has passed a heat resistance test through mastic asphalt up to +250°C. Its root resistance is also certified according to FLL test standards
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Why stop at refurbishing when you can create a new look at the same time? Triflex liquid applied waterproofing systems are produced in a wide variety of colours. Different colourways for each level make it easier for users to find their way round the multi-storey car park and convey a greater feeling of safety. Virtual footpaths can be highlighted in a different colour and parking bays with special markings can help to avoid accidents.

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Technical information

Triflex AWS

Triflex AWS is a heavy-duty, thick-film, fully reinforced waterproofing system for top decks exposed to significant structural movement and associated cracking. The structure of the system makes it possible to use the asphalt exclusively as a load-bearing layer.
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