Triflex EPS

Triflex EPS is a thin-layer, closed-textured, type I and type II line marking that can be used outdoors, even on damp substrates.

Triflex EPS

Triflex EPS is a high-solid paint for spray-applied type I and type II road markings on damp substrates. The highly resistant system components can even be used in wet conditions. The low-solvent road marking paint may only be used outdoors in combination with our tried-and-tested drop-on materials on main roads, country roads and ring roads. The thin-layer, spray-applied road marking Triflex EPS is oil- and petrol-resistant and is used in inclement weather as well as in cases where other marking material can no longer be applied.

  • Good visibility by day or night with the tested drop-on materials
  • Mechanical strength
  • Fully bonded
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
Triflex EPS

System set-up

  1. Triflex EPS – continuous line marking in layer thicknesses of 0.3 to 0.6 mm
  2. Echostar drop-on material – for improving visibility during the day and at night, even in wet conditions


Important note:

Triflex EPS may only be used outdoors in combination with the relevant drop-on materials mix.

Material consumption

Triflex EPS, density approx. 1.60 /cm³.

Required volume approx. 0.96 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 0.6 mm.

Dry layer thickness:

Thickness of wet film 300 μm 400 μm 600 μm
Dry layer thickness 160 μm 215 μm 322 μm

Calculation formula: line width (m) x line length (m) x volume (kg/m²) = volume required for area (kg)


  • 1023 Traffic yellow
  • 9010 White