Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K

Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K is used for type I and type II markings as a closed-finish line, profiled, agglomerate or flat marking on coarse surfaces.

Preco Cryl Reibeplastik 2K

Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K is a solvent-free, 2-component product with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin base with coarse filling materials. Due to its special formulation, the product is particularly suitable for the manual application of thick-layer road and surface markings on coarse surfaces. Likewise, Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K enables type I and type II markings to be applied using conventional types of machinery. Preco Cryl products are suitable for bituminous surfaces as well as concrete substrates (with Triflex Than Primer L 1K).

  • Line markings with a smooth finish, agglomerate or profiled markings
  • Temporary type II agglomerate markings in yellow
  • Textured, non-slip markings for surfaces and cycle paths
  • Road signs
  • Tactile markings for the blind
  • Creation of design surfaces
Preco Cryl Reibeplastik 2K

System set-up

  1. Triflex Than Primer L 1K – for sealing the concrete substrate and ensuring substrate adhesion
  2. Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K – for closed-textured, agglomerate and profiled markings as well as coating surfaces and cycle paths.
  3. Drop-on materials mix – according to the relevant BASt test certificate

Material consumption

Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K, density approx. 1.9 g/cm³

Closed-finish line marking Required volume approx. 4.50 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 2.5 mm. Volume required in relation to a 1 km continuous line.
Agglomerate marking Required volume approx. 2.20 kg/m². Volume required in relation to a 1 km line.
Profiled marking Required volume approx. 6.50 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 3 to 5 mm. Volume required in relation to a 1 km line.

Calculation formula: line width (m) x line length (m) x volume (kg/m²) = volume required for area (kg)

Farbtöne Preco Cryl Kaltplastik 2K


  • 1023 Traffic yellow
  • 3009 Oxide red
  • 3013 Tomato red
  • 3020 Traffic red
  • 5017 Traffic blue
  • 6024 Traffic green
  • 7043 Traffic grey B
  • 9005 Black
  • 9010 White

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