Triflex roof systems

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Multiple challenges. One solution.

Triflex solutions for flat roofs and roof flashings

All year round, flat roofs are exposed to the elements, as well as mechanical, thermal and chemical loads. Wall and skylight joints, roof penetrations such as ventilation pipes and even junctions are particularly susceptible. Here, moisture penetration, cracks and weathering can have an impact on the fabric of the building. Triflex roof systems offer a solution to handle even the most demanding challenges with ease. The fleece-reinforced systems not only reliably and permanently waterproof surfaces, but also complicated details. High-quality products, more than 40 years of experience and know-how paired with comprehensive and expert service make Triflex the partner to turn to when it comes to premium roof systems.

Triflex Dachsysteme
From us. For you. Great advantages.

Triflex system strengths

  • Fleece-reinforced waterproofing of details, junctions, joints and surfaces
    Long-lasting protection equals safety, especially in particularly challenging areas
  • Highly reactive, fast-curing liquid-applied waterproofing
    Simple application and quick project implementation
  • Hydrolysis-resistant and resistant to chemical influences
    Long-lasting functional solutions which ensure great reliability

  • Lasting protection of the structure against damp and moisture
    Long service life, longer intervals between refurbishments and considerable increase in property value

Triflex Dachsysteme
Individual and versatile

The ideal solution for every roof.

From warm roof to roof greening: the increasingly diverse roof shapes are placing more complex demands on the waterproofing as well. By using Triflex waterproofing systems, you’re being extremely flexible and playing it safe with every challenge you encounter. This is because our systems adhere to around 90% of all roofing membranes and, when used in combination with different materials, have a low surface weight and a very low build-up height, are highly flexible and seamlessly and jointlessly incorporate all the details.

  • Warm roofs
  • Cold roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Under standing water
  • Roofs with maintenance paths
  • Under other coverings
Triflex Dachsysteme

Used roofs

  • Green roofs: root- and rhizome-resistant waterproofing of green roofs
  • Roof terraces: low build-up height for waterproofing below other coverings including wood, tiles and slabs
  • Metal roofs: reliable long-lasting protection against corrosion
  • Monument preservation: optimum, long-lasting and requirements-based protection without any need for structural changes
Triflex Dachsysteme

Surfaces and junctions

  • Homogeneous surfaces due to seamless and jointless waterproofing of skylights, roof penetrations and vents
  • Can be combined in a variety of ways: suitable for full-surface waterproofing or in the material mix with roofing membranes and sheets
  • Protection: resistant to UV, IR and weathering without any additional surface protection
  • Maintenance paths: coloured, non-slip safety marking
Triflex Dachsysteme

Complex roof structures

  • Technically sophisticated: flexible use to meet the most stringent requirements
  • Customised design: diversity in shape and colour