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Sustainability I Environmental protection

Environmental protection, a sparing approach to the resources at our disposal, and the creation of lasting solutions – these are the standards we set ourselves in our day-to-day business: from the initial product concept to waste disposal. To us, dealing in an environmentally friendly manner is essential. We have been investing in environmental technology for decades, thus cutting both our consumption of resources and our emissions.

We sponsor the “Responsible Care” initiative for responsible business dealings and a secure future. We are certified to the quality standard EN ISO 9001:2015!

We are also a member of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). All materials and processes are tested for their impact on health and on the environment.

Health I Odour I Workplace limit values

Our products are solvent-free. Nevertheless, the odour of our products is called into question time and time again. During application, the polymethyl methacrylate resins give off low concentrations of monomers, which have an unpleasant odour but are non-hazardous to health. Once the resins have cured fully, they no longer give off any nasty odour. If applied in a well-ventilated area outdoors, the workplace limit values are generally not exceeded. Products may only be applied indoors if sufficient ventilation has been arranged and, if necessary, using respiratory protection. When applying the liquid applied waterproofing products, the regulations and limit values stated in the Safety Data Sheet must be observed.

Areas of application for Triflex products

In principle, Triflex products and systems may be used indoors and outdoors. However, so that all of the factors at play indoors and the specific circumstances at the particular site can be adequately considered, clients or contractors should contact Triflex. The Triflex technical support team can then give detailed professional advice on the planned project: 

Triflex products not available from retail outlets

Triflex offers high-quality system solutions that last. To ensure the long-term functionality of the system design, not only are top-quality products a must, but an excellent standard of application as well. To guarantee that this is achieved, our products have to be applied properly by trained specialists.

The exclusive sale of Triflex products direct to Triflex contractors gives them and their clients the benefit of intensive support: Triflex trains contractors in practical seminars, gives advice on the selection of systems and shares tricks and tips regarding application with them on-site. This concept of close support guarantees a high standard of application and customer satisfaction! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a specific building project in mind. 

Prices I High standard of application

We are often asked how much Triflex costs per square metre. Since every construction project and the individual project conditions are different, there is no simple answer to this simple question...

Triflex system solutions meet the highest standards of quality in terms of both product and application. When you choose Triflex system solutions, you benefit from long-lasting and visually appealing waterproofing and coating solutions for balconies, terraces and roofs as well as in underground and multi-storey car parks. Triflex long-lasting marking products increase safety on roads, in tunnels and car parks.
To ensure that clients can rely on the highest standards of quality, Triflex subjects its products to regular independent testing, thereby certifying its high quality. To guarantee proper application on the building site, Triflex works exclusively with specialists, who receive regular training in the application of Triflex products. In this way Triflex ensures that the building project is executed flawlessly for planners and clients alike.

Cheap solutions I Comparing quotes

Are you looking for lasting solutions to your problems? You will get certainly temporary relief with simple, cheap solutions. However, it will not last long. Triflex premium products and our qualified specialist contractors are the sustainable and lasting solution to your problems! We have proved this on thousands of building sites worldwide over the course of more than 30 years.

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