Triflex Metal Coat

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Coating metal roofs with Triflex Metal Coat

The metal roof has stood the test of time in the field of industry. Not only does it provide cost-effective protection against the effects of weather, but an insulated metal roof is also the preferred solution for complying with the new German energy saving regulations. Metals are also used for façade cladding, containers and tanks, pipework and process apparatus as well as many other constructions. Metals that are exposed to the effects of weather as well as mechanical loads corrode at a faster rate, leading to surface rust, blistering rust and eventually scaling. This compromises the functionality of the metal roof.

Triflex Metal Coat is a functional coating that was specially developed for metal roofs. It protects against corrosion and prolongs the life of metal roofs and constructions.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Ideal for refurbishments: The system has a mass per unit area of less than 1 kg/m² and so hardly affects stability at all. This saves removal costs and time
  • Design possibilities due to different colour shades
  • Certified safety: the system uses Triflex ProDetail as the waterproofing resin for joints and details, which meets the highest ETAG 005 levels of performance
  • Quick installation: the resin used in the Triflex Metal Coat system cures in just a few hours. Complete coating applications can be carried out in stages in a single day
Farbtöne Triflex Metal Coat


Triflex Metal Coat is available in various colours to offer you maximum design variety and flexibility.  

Technical information

Triflex Metal Coat

Triflex Metal Coat is a coating specially developed for metal roofs that provides reliable long-term protection, can be differently coloured and additionally protects against rust with its anti-corrosion pigments.
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