Triflex multi-storey car park systems

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Multiple challenges. One solution.

Triflex solutions for parking decks and underground car parks

Multi-storey car parks are subject to great demands regarding mechanical and chemical stresses. Rain and condensation, de-icing salts, fuels and oils attack surfaces that are already subjected to vehicle loads. Ramps, spiral ramps and driveways are particularly vulnerable, as are joints and details. Penetrating moisture, contaminants and spalling concrete can affect the building structure and therefore also pose a threat to the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Triflex systems permanently seal parking decks and underground car parks and meet the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and cost-effectiveness.  

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Triflex Parkhaussysteme
From us. For you. Great advantages.

Triflex system strengths

  • Lasting structural protection against moisture and contamination
    Long service life, longer intervals between refurbishments and considerable increase in property value
  • Fast-curing, liquid-applied waterproofing systems
    Reduced execution times, short closure periods, increased efficiency
  • Highly elastic, dynamic crack-bridging, perfect layer bonding
    Long-lasting functional solutions which ensure great reliability
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to 0°C
    Reliable planning and application regardless of the weather conditions and time of year.
Triflex Topdeck Systeme
High strength, long-lasting protection

Top decks

Top decks are totally exposed to weather conditions, simply on account of their location. Temperature changes of over 30°C within a very short period, direct sunlight, snow and hail are only some of the extreme stresses experienced by these areas. Triflex top deck systems are UV- and
weather-resistant. High chemical resistance to de-icing salt, fuel and oils are just as much guaranteed as the
material’s low temperature elasticity. 

  • Protection against mechanical loads; UV- and weather-resistant
  • High wear resistance for sustainable structural protection
  • Heat-resistant: also suitable for waterproofing under mastic asphalt
Triflex Systeme für Zwischendecks und Tiefgaragen
High traffic without problems.

Intermediate decks and underground car parks

Interior decks are among the areas that experience the heaviest traffic in a car park. They must be particularly wear-resistant, as well as being resistant to mechanical stress. Triflex waterproofing systems provide a good non-slip coating even after many years of use. Even so, all Triflex systems build up only a few millimetres in height and create minimum additional distributed load.

  • Chemical resistance, protection against contamination by fuels and oils
  • Coloured surface design for improved orientation
  • System-integrated detail waterproofing on upstands, junctions and kerbs
Triflex Lösungen für Rampen, Spindeln und Zufahrten
Maximum protection. Minimum closure times.

Ramps, spiral ramps and driveways

Ramps, spiral ramps and driveways are some of the areas in a multi-storey car park that are subject to extreme mechanical loads. Short closure times are particularly important in the event of refurbishment to minimise loss of business. Triflex offers system solutions that withstand high mechanical loads and which meet the requirements of such high traffic volume surfaces. The multi-storey car park can be used again after just a few hours thanks to rapid curing.

  • Fast refurbishment enables short closure periods
  • Seamless security for joints, where cracks occur and transitions
  • Full-surface fleece reinforcement for waterproofing parking decks, ramps and driveways
  • Heating elements for snow-/ice-free driveways