Solutions for fountains and hydraulic structures

The challenges of fountains and hydraulic structures:

Long-lasting structural protection against moisture and chemical influences, refurbishment without structural changes, seamless and jointless waterproofing and coating.

The Triflex claim:

Solutions for even the most complicated shapes and constructions. Solutions for hydrolysis-resistant and durable waterproofing. Solutions for a visually appealing design that is suitable for historical monuments. Solved together.

Benefits of Triflex liquid plastic waterproofing for fountains and hydraulic structures

  • Hydrolysis-resistant and resistant to chemical influences: long-lasting functional solutions which ensure great reliability.
  • Fleece-reinforced waterproofing of details, junctions, joints and surfaces: long-lasting protection – especially in particularly challenging areas.
  • Full-surface adhesion on most substrates, even with vertical upstands: highly reliable application in combination with other materials as well.
  • Refurbishment without structural changes: preservation of historical character.
  • Excellent durability – tested useful life according to ETA approval is at least 25 years: highly economical due to longer intervals between refurbishments.
  • Highly reactive, fast-curing liquid-applied waterproofing: simple application, short closure periods and quick project implementation.
  • Can be applied all year round at temperatures down to -5°C: reliable planning and application regardless of the time of year
"Schöner Brunnen" Christmas Market, Nuremberg

Waterproofing intricate details

  • Project: "Schöner Brunnen" Christmas Market, Nuremberg
  • Solution: Triflex BWS – waterproofing system
  • Client: Hochbauamt Stadt Nürnberg building department
  • Planner: Hochbauamt Stadt Nürnberg building department
  • Application: Märkl GmbH, Fürth
  • Area: 150 m² including details
  • Substrate: Shell limestone, sandstone and sheet metal
  • Completion: 2016
Babelsberg Palace Potsdam fountains

Design in keeping with historical monuments

  • Project: Babelsberg Palace Potsdam fountains
  • Solution: Triflex BTS-P – waterproofing system
  • Client: Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Planner: Dr. Krekeler Generalplaner GmbH, Brandenburg an der Havel
  • Application: Nüthen Restaurierungen GmbH & Co. KG, Erfurt / Huschenbeth GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlhausen
  • Area: Largest fountain (city fountain): 80 m², (inner walls 90 cm tall)
  • Substrate: Screed
  • Completion: 2016
Latonabrunnen Palace of Versailles, Paris (France)

Historically renovated in every detail

  • Project: Latonabrunnen Palace of Versailles, Paris (France)
  • Solution: Triflex ProTect / Triflex ProDetail – waterproofing system
  • Client: Charitable Foundation Philanthropia
  • Planner: Pierre André Lablaude, Chief Architect for Historical Monuments
  • Application: EMAT
  • Area: 1,000 m²
  • Substrate: Concrete
  • Completion: 2015