Fire protection solutions

The challenges of fire protection in private and public buildings/facilities

Flame-retardant, backflow-proof waterproofing of even the most complicated joints and details, compliance with EU Building Products Ordinance, Model Building Regulations (MBO) and State Building Regulations (LBO, BauO and BO), strong resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

The Triflex claim

Solutions for long-lasting protection in compliance with legal fire protection regulations, solutions for a flexible floor covering for easy absorption of building movements, solutions for fire protection and functionality with a decorative appearance. Solved together.

Benefits of Triflex liquid plastic waterproofing for fire protection

  • Flame-retardant systems which satisfy the more stringent fire safety requirements: great project diversity and maximum safety.
  • Fleece-reinforced waterproofing of details, joints, joint areas and surfaces: long-lasting waterproofing means protection especially in areas subject to high loads.
  • Reliable structural protection against damp and moisture: long service life, longer intervals between refurbishments and considerable increase in property value.
  • High mechanical strength, UV- and weather-resistant: permanently functional, planning-reliable solutions and thus great reliability.
  • Fast-curing, liquid-applied waterproofing systems: reduced execution times, short closure periods, increased efficiency.
  • Variety of surface shapes and colours: attractive design options, for any appearance and orientation.
High-rise building at the Ratingen ring kiln

Fire protection and fall protection

  • Project: Balcony refurbishment, high-rise building at the Ratingen ring kiln
  • Solution: Triflex ProFloor S1
  • Planner: Architekturbüro Anke Indra architect's office, Heiligenhaus
  • Application: SBS Special-Bautenschutz-Service GmbH, Mülheim an der Ruhr
  • Area: Approx. 700 m²
  • Substrate: Polymer Cement Concrete (PCC) screed
  • Completion: 2011
Apartment house Pillauer Weg, Kaarst

Against fire and humidity

  • Project: Walkways MFH Pillauer Weg, Kaarst
  • Solution: Triflex BTS-P S1 with micro chips dressing
  • Client: Building owner association
  • Application: Franz-J. Schmitz Bauwerkserhaltung GmbH, Bottrop
  • Area: 200 m²
  • Substrate: Screed
  • Completion: 2012