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Top deck waterproofing with Triflex ProPark

Waterproofing for top decks and parking decks over occupied premises must meet high quality standards if they are to be functional in the long term. In exposed areas in particular, thermal loads and the resulting structural movements must be reliably absorbed. Entrances and exits as well as straight and spiral ramps are also subject to high shear forces due to the high volume of traffic. The use of PMMA throughout ensures that the chemical bond between the layers holds across the entire surface without water infiltration. The system-integrated detail solutions, e.g. for junctions and joints, round off the refurbishment concept to give your structure long-lasting protection against chemical and mechanical loads. 

The tested system solutions offer reliable protection against external influences. A wide range of colours supports individual creative design.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Highly resilient with dynamic crack bridging: the system is full-surface fleece-reinforced
  • Ideal for refurbishments: the system is suitable for almost all substrates. With a low surface weight of less than 10 kg/m², it can also be applied on top of asphalt surfaces without adversely affecting stability
  • Short closure periods: Significantly faster curing times than systems made of EP or PUR resins. Complete refurbishment of sensitive areas such as entrances and exits is possible in a single day
  • Long-lasting protection: Triflex ProPark system withstands high mechanical loads, which extends refurbishment intervals by years. Maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum
  • Colours: the surface is available in a range of colours. This facilitates recognition and orientation among car park users and improves traffic safety
  • Certified safety: Triflex ProPark has obtained a Class OS 10 General Building Supervisory Authority Test Certificate (abP) according to Building Regulations List A, Part 2, No. 2.24, fire classification Cfl-s1 in compliance with DIN EN 13501-1
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Why stop at refurbishing when you can create a new look at the same time? Triflex liquid applied waterproofing systems are produced in a wide variety of colours. Different colourways for each level make it easier for users to find their way round the multi-storey car park and convey a greater feeling of safety. Virtual footpaths can be highlighted in a different colour and parking bays with special markings can help to avoid accidents.

Triflex ProPark Farbtöne
Triflex ProPark Variante 1 Farbtoene

Information on the Triflex ProPark version 2 and Triflex ProPark version 3 design options can be found in the planning documents. 

Technical information

Triflex ProPark

Triflex ProPark is especially suitable for top decks that are subject to extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight and de-icing salts, fuels and oils due to their exposed locations. The waterproofing system, which withstands high mechanical loads, is UV, weather and chemical-resistant, ensuring long-lasting waterproofing– even on structures with high traffic volumes such as ramps.
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