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Waterproofing roof surfaces and details with Triflex ProTect

Architects and contractors alike are only too familiar with the challenge: surfacing rooftops with gravel, paving or greenery is in vogue. Whatever the covering, it is paramount that they are absolutely leak-proof. Triflex ProTect shines in situations where traditional materials in combination fail. Whether on top of or underneath other coverings: the roof waterproofing system provides reliable, lasting protection for roofs. The full-surface-reinforced waterproofing system with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base is highly weather-resistant and also resistant to UV and IR radiation. With its high resistance to hydrolysis, Triflex ProTect is also suitable for standing water applications, e.g. fountains and water tanks.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Highly resilient with dynamic crack-bridging
  • Ideal for refurbishments: can be applied to almost all substrates
  • Short reaction times: fully functional after only one hour and can be used on substrates as low as 0°C in temperature
  • Flexible application options: can also be used as waterproofing for waterproof concrete joints, under other coverings, for ornamental fountains or in other areas in a wide range of system versions
  • Easy to maintain: mechanically and chemically high-strength
  • European Technical Approval with CE mark
  • Planning reliability: meets the requirements of DIN 18195 Parts 4–7 and DIN 18531 Parts 1–4
  • Root resistance according to FLL test standards (EN 13948)


Triflex finishes for roofs are available in many colours and have high mechanical strength. 

Triflex ProTect is available in pebble grey, light grey and traffic grey.

Technical information

Triflex ProTect

Triflex ProTect offers many impressive benefits compared to conventional waterproofing sheeting. The fully fleece-reinforced roof surface waterproofing system is long-lasting, can withstand mechanical loads, is highly weather-resistant and ensures longer intervals between refurbishments. Triflex ProTect can also be used underneath other coverings, such as gravel, paving or grass. Its high resistance to hydrolysis means it can even be used in standing water applications.
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