Field report: Corus Aluminium Voerde

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Key facts: Refurbishment of a silo roof

180 m²
Authorised Contractor
K. Kutscher-Remy GmbH, Wesel

Corus Aluminium Voerde

Aluminium is a flexible raw material whose properties mean that it can be used in almost all industries. The alumina required for production is stored at Corus Aluminium Voerde GmbH in 25 metre high silos with a capacity of 13,500 tonnes. The “roof” areas can be walked on and are connected by a connecting bridge.
On the surface there are a multitude of pipe penetrations, supports, wall upstands and even a freight elevator, all on a small surface.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Sealing of numerous penetrations, supports and wall upstands
  • Mechanically highly loadable, as it can be walked on
  • Fast application without waiting times.
  • Application on old layer without demolition

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Unevenness and folds were eliminated.
  2. No primer was necessary.
  3. Triflex ProTect is applied in a minimum layer thickness of 2.0 mm. The production takes place in three steps: Triflex ProTect (min. 2.0 kg/m²), Triflex Special Fleece (110 g/m²), Triflex ProTect (min. 1.0 kg/m²).
  4. Sealing of the connections: Triflex ProDetail.
  5. Finish: Triflex Cryl Finish 205 Anti-skid in grey on maintenance routes (approx. 0.30 kg/m²).

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