Triflex JWS

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Triflex JWS waterproofing system for waterproof-concrete joints

The waterproof-concrete construction method has been used in a range of practical applications for decades. In addition to underground car parks, waterproof-concrete is also used to build roofs and components that are in contact with soil – often including subsequent greening. Although this construction method has proven effective, damage can still often be seen today at recurring weak points, which include the construction and settlement joints of the individual components as well as the penetrations.

Triflex JWS is a fleece-reinforced waterproofing system for concrete joints, and is used specifically in new builds and in the refurbishment of white tanks. The system design consisting of high-quality PMMA resins is resistant to hydrolysis and roots and rhizomes in accordance with FLL specifications, and can also be used in areas in contact with soil.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Waterproof down to the smallest detail: Even complicated details such as door sills and cross joints can be easily and homogeneously waterproofed using liquid application techniques
  • Short processing times: primer and waterproofing resin can be recoated after just 45 minutes. The system is resistant straight after the final step
  • Suitable for use in new builds and refurbishments: waterproofing and protective layer are combined into one single system. The low build-up height of just a few millimetres means that no special structures need to be developed for the construction
  • Durable system build-up: Triflex JWS has excellent mechanical and chemical stability. The system is hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant
  • Certified safety: the Triflex ProDetail/ProTect waterproofing resins used in the Triflex JWS system have a General Building Supervisory Authority Test Certificate (abP) in accordance with Building Regulations List A, Part 2, current version. No. 1.4

Technical information

Triflex JWS

Triflex JWS is a system solution specially developed for waterproofing work on white tanks, and has a General Building Supervisory Authority Test Certificate.
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