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Reinforced parking deck coating with Triflex ProDeck

Triflex ProDeck is designed for surfaces subject to high mechanical loads. As a result of the innovative, special reinforcement, shearing forces, which arise in particular at tight curves and ramp approaches, are distributed across the surface. As a result of using only high-quality PMMA resins throughout the whole of the system structure, a consistent chemical bond is achieved which, moreover, keys into the full surface of the substrate. This effectively prevents cracks and wide-area detachment from the substrate. The system scarcely wears at all, even under continuous vehicle traffic, and can accept high mechanical loads. This is ensured by a particularly wear-resistant dressing. In spite of its high grip and highly non-slip finish, Triflex ProDeck is easy to look after.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Long-lasting: Triflex ProDeck is a reinforced, crack-bridging thick-layer system. The wearing layer can withstand even high mechanical stress.
  • Ideal for refurbishments: The system, which has a surface weight of less than 10 kg/m², is suitable for application on concrete and asphalt substrates without negatively affecting.
  • Short closure periods: Triflex ProDeck offers considerably faster curing times than systems made of EP or PUR resins. Parking decks can also be coated in stages. The parking deck surfaces are ready for full use again after only 3 hours.
  • Colours: Triflex ProDeck can be finished in a range of colours.
  • Certified safety: The system set-up meets the requirements of Class OS 11a/b in compliance with DIN 18532, Part 6 and the German Committee on Reinforced Concrete’s guidelines for the protection and repair of concrete components (Repair Guideline). Fire classification in compliance with DIN EN 13501-1, class Bfl-s1 (version 1) respectively Cfl-s1 (version 2).
  • System-integrated detail solutions: The cured resin forms a seamless and joint-free surface. Complex details and joints are waterproofed and fleece-reinforced.
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Why stop at refurbishing when you can create a new look at the same time? Triflex liquid applied waterproofing systems are produced in a wide variety of colours. Different colourways for each level make it easier for users to find their way round the multi-storey car park and convey a greater feeling of safety. Virtual footpaths can be highlighted in a different colour and parking bays with special markings can help to avoid accidents.

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Technical information

Triflex ProDeck

A solution specially developed for surfaces subject to high traffic and high mechanical loads. This thick-layer system durably withstands the high loads and significantly increases refurbishment intervals.
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