Triflex Cryl Sealing Mortar

Triflex Cryl Vergussmörtel

Triflex Cryl Sealing Mortar is used for sealing:

  • Rework of the details when installing or repairing (subsidence) gully covers and water drains in road surfaces.
  • Joints after laying contact loops (induction loops); drill core sealing.
  • Concrete pipe sleeves, joints and pipe connections
  • Depressions, details when installing or repairing newel posts and water drains in balconies

  The benefits at a glance: 

  • Can also be applied at under 5 mm layer thickness
  • Pourable for small cavities
  • Universal applicable on concrete, asphalt or steel
  • Can also be processed in winter (down to 0°C)
  • Fully loadable after 1 hour
  • Primer is not required