Triflex marking systems

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Multiple challenges. One solution.

Triflex solutions for roads, parking areas and design surfaces

Great demands are placed on motorways, roads, cycle paths, halls and multi-storey car parks every single day as a result of weather conditions and mechanical loads. At the same time, increasing traffic volumes call for a maximum level of safety, while placing extremely high demands on the marking systems. Not only must these systems be durable and quick to apply, they must also be able to act as a guide 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. As the market leader for cold plastics in Germany, Triflex offers marking systems to handle even the most demanding challenges with ease. 

Triflex Lösungen für Fahrbahnen, Parkflächen, Designflächen
Clearly a benefit

Triflex marking system strengths

  • One Triflex cold plastic solution – four different application methods: highly economic and you can choose the product with confidence
  • 21% less material consumption at the construction site: high yield and efficiency
  • Can withstand high mechanical loads, weather-proof and alkali-resistant: high level of road safety and orientation guide ensure navigation even under extreme conditions
  • Highly reactive and fast-curing marking products: ready for vehicle traffic without delay, short closure periods, resulting in reduced risk of congestion
  • More binders, fewer fillers: reduced wear to the marking machine, harmonious spray pattern
Autobahnen, Landstraßen und Radwege
Exceptionally versatile.

Motorways, A-roads and cycle paths

One cold plastic product – four different application methods without alterations in the viscosity. This is not just a very economical solution, but also a very reliable one, as our systems are tested by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and guarantee maximum road safety.

  • Thick/thin-layer markings for lasting safety
  • Easy to refresh using cold spray plastic
  • Cycle path marking non-slip with clear colour differentiation.
  • Simple application and no machinery required
  • approved by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and certified in the highest traffic classes
  • Guidance both day and night
  • High yield thanks to low density
  • Suitable for Type I and Type II markings
Hallen, Parkhäuser und -flächen
Clearly structured. Clearly superior.

Halls, multi-storey car parks and parking areas

Our systems are characterised by their high mechanical strength, long service life and resistance to contamination. Production as per the standards defined in DIN ISO 9001 guarantees consistent levels of quality. More than 100 colours are available for designs in halls, multi-storey car parks and parking areas, where they provide optimal guidance and safety. You can also use the Triflex markings to give set-down areas, walkways and vehicle routes a clear structure.

  • Withstands high mechanical loads
  • Very long service life and insensitive to soiling
  • Reliable guidance systems thanks to dirt-resistant paint systems
  • Luminescent safety guidance systems for increased safety and guidance
Flughäfen, Farb- und Designflächen
Large areas. Limitless designing.

Airports, colour fields and design surfaces

When it comes to freedom of design, with us as your partner there are no limits to what you can achieve. In addition to the large selection of colours, the Triflex marking systems are also suitable for a wide range of different application methods. Thanks to the durability and high strength of the products, the design and colour intensity are maintained for the long term. At airports, Triflex systems provide impressive UV resistance, high chemical resistance and good adhesion to all concrete and asphalt substrates. Thanks to the short drying times, work can be carried out quickly without disrupting air traffic

Dünnschichtige Markierungssysteme
Extremely impressive. Extremely quick.

Thin-layer marking system

Triflex thin-layer marking systems stand out thanks to their quick drying time of under ten minutes. Regardless of the traffic volumes, the sprayable materials are an excellent solution: both on roads with high or medium traffic volumes and on streets in quiet residential areas. Our thin-layer marking systems are particularly effective for refreshing agglomerates or applying traffic-opening markings, for example.

Our systems:

Dickschichtige Markierungssysteme
Outstandingly robust. Outstandingly flexible.

Thick-layer marking systems

Triflex thick-layer marking systems ensure lasting safety and guidance on roads, and are robust and extremely durable. Depending on your requirements, the systems can be applied using a smoothing trowel, a hand-operated marking machine or a self-propelled marking machine. This makes us the only provider on the market to offer four different methods of application with just a single thick-layer cold plastic product, without alterations in the viscosity. This saves time, reduces storage and transportation costs, and allows for maximum flexibility.


Our systems:


With our systems, you will always get the best results. Whether a closed-finish line marking, regular agglomerate marking, irregular agglomerate marking or profiled marking, all of these application methods can be performed with just a single cold plastic product, and without alterations in the viscosity. For you, this means lower storage and logistics costs as well as increased flexibility and efficiency.
Regular agglomerate
Irregular agglomerate
Smooth finish