Triflex balcony systems

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Multiple challenges. One solution.

Triflex solutions for balconies, roof terraces and walkways

Every day great demands are placed on balconies, roof terraces and walkways as a result of weather conditions and mechanical loads. Door and window joints, penetration such as railing posts and junctions are particularly susceptible. Here, moisture penetration, concrete flaking and corrosion of reinforcements can cause permanent damage and have an impact on the fabric of the building. Triflex balcony systems offer a solution to handle even the most demanding challenges with ease. High-quality products, over 40 years of experience and know-how paired with comprehensive and expert service make Triflex the partner to turn to when it comes to premium balcony systems.

Triflex System-Stärken
From us. For you. Great advantages.

Triflex system strengths

  • Lasting protection of the structure against damp and moisture
    Long service life, high strength and considerable increase in property value
  • Fast-curing liquid applied waterproofing
    Reduced execution times, short closure periods, increased efficiency
  • Highly elastic, dynamic crack-bridging, perfect layer bonding.
    Long-lasting functional solutions which ensure great planning reliability
  • Fleece-reinforced waterproofing of details, junctions, joint areas and surfaces
    Long-lasting waterproofing means safety especially in areas subject to high loads
  • Can be applied even at low temperatures
    Reliable planning and application regardless of the weather conditions and time of year
Dachterrassen & Loggien

Roof terraces & loggias

  • Full-surface fleece-reinforced for premium waterproofing especially above occupied rooms
  • Safe framing of balcony doors with low junction heights
  • Other coverings: full-surface fleece-reinforced waterproofing below all types of other coverings


  • Fast refurbishment in a single day
  • Protection against mechanical loads; UV- and weather-resistant
  • Fully accessible living space thanks to low build-up and door sills
  • Great design freedom with more than 70 colours and 4 different surface finishes
Laubengänge & Treppenhäuser

Walkways & staircases

  • Improved fire safety in line with German regional building regulations (LBO) thanks to special flame-retardant additives
  • Effective anti-slip protection due to a variety of wear-resistant dressing options

Surface design

Individual designs with Triflex liquid applied waterproofing: an attractively designed outdoor floor covering creates a personal ambience and plays a decisive role in the quality of living. Vibrant colours, individual patterns and the surface coating create lively open spaces. Triflex comes in a wide range of colours and designs offering almost limitless creativity. At the same time, the liquid plastic systems are functional and permanently protect surfaces from chemical and mechanical influences.  

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