Triflex Concrete Repro 3K

Triflex Concrete Repro 3K

Triflex Concrete Repro 3K is used for durable repairs on roads and pavements. The mortar can be used for filling, bonding and re-profiling concrete surfaces, e.g. for filling holes and defective spots, re-profiling edges and levelling out

Product information

  The benefits at a glance: 

  • Concrete repair according to the requirements for mortar according to DIN EN 1504-3
  • Universally applicable for potholes, ruts on concrete surfaces, etc.
  • High durability, mechanically strong and wear-resistant
  • Can be driven over after only 45 mins.
  • Various layer thicknesses
  • Installation with system-compatible primers
  • Cement-free
  • Colour 7038 – Agate grey
Triflex Concrete Repro 3K