Welcome to the Triflex family

There is one thing we always have in common: your problem solved.

As the leading European specialist for PMMA liquid applied waterproofing, there is one thing we have learnt over the past 40 years: having an outstanding product is not enough to solve problems permanently. As a family company, we adopt an entirely different approach here: we always solve problems together. The unique collaboration between you as the contractors, the planners, our employees and, of course, our products means everyone benefits. We do everything in our power to ensure this. You can always rely on that! Welcome to the Triflex family.

As a chemical company, we are fully aware of our special responsibility towards the environment and our fellow human beings. Sustainability is therefore one of our topmost principles. Only the sensible use of natural resources in the interests of future generations ensures our business success in the long term. For this reason, our sustainable actions go far beyond compliance with statutory provisions.

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Triflex applications at a glance:

  • Waterproofing for flat roofs / roof flashings
  • Coatings and waterproofing systems for balconies / terraces / walkways
  • Coatings and waterproofing systems for parking decks / underground car parks
  • Solutions for maintenance and operation
  • Marking systems for a wide variety of areas
  • Special projects
Commitment to quality

Our history from 1977 to the present day

For more than 40 years, the Triflex name has stood for state-of-the-art technology and expertise in waterproofing, coating and marking. Since day one, we have been committed to the protection of buildings of all kinds with a wide range of liquid applied waterproofing products against the penetration of moisture and damp and ensuring road safety with our markings.

1977 Development of UP resins under the Triflex brand
1984 Founding of Triflex Beschichtungssysteme Vertriebs-GmbH & Co. KG by entry in the commercial register on 24/4/1984
1986 Founding of sister company Triflex (U.K.) Ltd., Great Britain
1987 Addition of the fast-curing PMMA resins to the product range
1990 Foundation of sister company Triflex B.V., Netherlands
1997 Triflex Belgium sales office is opened
2001 First European Technical Approval (ETA) with CE mark in the market for liquid-applied waterproofing products
2004 Triflex Switzerland sales office is opened
2005 Triflex Austria sales office is opened
2006 Production commences in USA
2007 Triflex West Switzerland sales office is opened
2008 Triflex Italy sales office is opened
2009 Foundation of sister company Triflex GmbH, Switzerland
2010 Foundation of Triflex GesmbH, Austria
2010 Triflex France sales office is opened
2010 Triflex Poland sales office is opened
2012 Foundation of Triflex BVBA, Belgium
2015 Triflex China sales office is opened
2019 Triflex Singapore sales office is opened
2020 Foundation of Triflex Italia, Italy
Triflex Weltkarte

A worldwide network

Triflex’s production, development and central functions are brought together in Minden. The proportion of exports is 50 per cent. Triflex is successfully represented worldwide by a large number of affiliates as well as sales partners and offices.

Headquarters International presence Distributor
Minden Great Britain Europe
  Netherlands USA
  Belgium Worldwide
Triflex Bauchemie

An investment in the future

We invest heavily to keep quality, sustainability, service and the latest technology standards at the highest level. With an investment ratio of more than 10 per cent of sales in recent years, we are sending a clear signal – especially at our German locations. The construction of the new production facility for construction chemicals at the Minden site (2017) and the opening and commissioning of the Lager Süd warehouse (2018) are just a few examples.