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Detail waterproofing using Triflex ProDetail

Intricate flashings, tricky details and narrow joints are the classic weak points in roof structures. Triflex ProDetail is a waterproofing system developed specially for joints that ensures the lasting reliable protection of details. Generally speaking, leaks in a flat roof are only noticed when the premises underneath show signs of dampness. For this reason, damage tends to occur in the cold seasons. Triflex ProDetail is factory-set so that it can be used at substrate temperatures of -5°C. The liquid Triflex ProDetail is rainproof after approx. 30 minutes and completely cured in approx. 45 minutes. Repairs can therefore be reliably carried out in all weathers.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Waterproof down to the smallest detail: the cured resin forms a seamless and joint-free surface
  • Highly resilient with dynamic crack-bridging
  • Short reaction times
  • Reliable application: vertical surfaces present no problems
  • European Technical Approval with CE mark
  • Planning reliability: meets the requirements of DIN 18195 Parts 4–7 and DIN 18531 Parts 1–4
  • Root resistance according to FLL test standards (EN 13948)
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Triflex finishes for roofs are available in many colours and have high mechanical strength. The colours can be matched to the colour of the chosen sheeting.

Triflex ProDetail is available in pebble grey, light grey and traffic grey.

Technical information

Triflex ProDetail

Tried and tested on building sites over 25 years, adhesion to over 1,400 tested substrates, countless areas of application, exceptionally reliable, extremely durable and waterproof to the smallest detail.
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