Triflex maintenance & operation

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Economical and sustainable.

Damaged paths, yards or driveways? We have the solution!

As Europe’s leading specialist for waterproofing based on liquid applied waterproofing, we have excellent experience with substrate adhesion to asphalt, bitumen and concrete. Our innovative solutions for infrastructure offer you several benefits at the same time: they are easy and quick to apply, they are extremely durable and the result is visually appealing. Triflex solutions are the first choice when it comes to sustainable, fast and cost-effective refurbishment and maintenance.

Triflex Repro products can be used “cold-on-cold” for different application temperatures and are also suitable for the repair/refurbishment of smaller surfaces. 

With Triflex PMMA special mortars you can not only permanently repair potholes, ruts or broken edges, but also cover fatigue or reflection cracks in thin layers or permanently reinforce manhole covers. In addition to this, the mixing ratio can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

Triflex Systeme Instandhaltung und Betrieb
Convincing arguments

Faster, more economical – and of the highest quality

Comprehensive practical tests have proven the superiority of the Triflex refurbishment system. This provides you with solutions to refurbish economically and above all sustainably. Transport costs and waiting times at the mixing plant also become a thing of the past, as do residual material disposal costs, since Triflex systems are applied straight out of the bucket.


Further advantages compared to conventional methods:

  • No compression work necessary: no damage to adjacent components
  • No large-scale equipment such as milling machine, roller or thermo-heating equipment required: reduced personnel and machine expenditure, significantly lower costs
  • Final and compressive strength after 30 minutes: faster reopening to traffic and less traffic disruption
  • Sustainable environmental compatibility: our products are solvent-free
  • Convincing results: satisfied customers who will recommend you to others
Solutions for maintenance & operation

Triflex can do more

Whether manhole frames or water drains. Whether potholes or broken asphalt edges. Whether cracks, subsidence or ramps: when it comes to maintaining infrastructure, Triflex is the partner to choose.

Triflex Lösungen für Beton und Asphalt


Defects Joints/cracks Other
  • Pothole refurbishment

  • Adaptation of shafts, gullies and gutters

  • Corrections and repairs in general

  • Induction loops

  • Fatigue or reflection cracks

  • Construction and expansion joints

  • Bridge bearing

  • Formation of large slabs

  • Lining of railway tracks/track rails



Traffic systems Light signalling Other structural elements
  • Road dividers/traffic islands

  • Roundabout systems

  • Kerbstones

  • Marking buttons and marking domes

  • Reflectors

  • Under-floor lighting (airports)

  • Traffic guard crash barrier and kerb elevations

  • Speed limiter barriers

  • Edge protection (e.g. stairs)

  • Collision protection



  • Surface damages

  • Chipped edges (e.g. concrete roadways)

  • Cracks and crack edges

  • Foundations or supports

  • Kerbstones

  • Concrete refurbishment in general

  • Adaptation, e.g. unevenness or sufficient sloping

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