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Intermediate deck coating with Triflex DeckCoat

The resin used for Triflex DeckCoat cures in just a few hours. Complete coating applications can be carried out in stages in a single day. Disruptions caused by closures can therefore be kept to a minimum. Downtimes caused by out of service parking bays and access areas are kept to a minimum.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Improved safety with non-slip finish: quartz sand dressing provides a non-slip finish to enhance safety for car park users and vehicles
  • Short closure periods: Triflex DeckCoat offers faster curing times than systems made of EP or PUR resins. Parking decks can also be coated in stages. This reduces closure times and disruptions to traffic
  • Certified safety: The system set-up meets the requirements of Class OS 8 in compliance with DIN V 18026 and the German Committee on Reinforced Concrete’s guidelines for the protection and repair of concrete components (DAfStb Rili SIB 2001 – Maintenance Guideline 2005), fire classification Cfl-s1 in compliance with DIN EN 13501-1
  • Colours: Triflex DeckCoat is available in a range of colours. This facilitates recognition and orientation among car park users and improves traffic safety
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Why stop at refurbishing when you can create a new look at the same time? Triflex liquid applied waterproofing systems are produced in a wide variety of colours. Different colourways for each level make it easier for users to find their way round the multi-storey car park and convey a greater feeling of safety. Virtual footpaths can be highlighted in a different colour and parking bays with special markings can help to avoid accidents.

Triflex ProPark Farbtöne
Triflex Cryl Finish 209 Farbtöne

Technical information

Triflex DeckCoat

Triflex DeckCoat is a rapid and efficient solution for car park operators. The thin-layer system provides increased slip resistance and, at the same time, makes surfaces easier to clean.
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