Preco Line 300

Preco Line 300 is used as a thin-layer, spray-applied type I road marking on streets and parking decks and in halls, as well as on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Preco Line 300

In addition to road marking, Preco Line 300 marking paint is also suitable for marking hall floors or parking spaces. In halls, Preco Line 300 is used on walkways, where it only has to withstand low mechanical loads. The economical Preco Line 300 is very well suited to this particular application. The thin-layer marking is used on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Special colours are available upon request.

  • Alkali-resistant
  • Fully bonded
  • Weather-resistant
  • Physically drying
  • Low-solvent
Preco Line 300

System set-up

  1. Preco Line 300 – continuous line marking in layer thicknesses of 0.3 to 0.6 mm
  2. Drop-on materials mix – according to the relevant BASt test certificate
  3. Preco Line Thinner – for regulating viscosity

Material consumption

Preco Line 300, density approx. 1.45 g/cm³.

Required volume approx. 0.44 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 0.3 mm.

Required volume approx. 0.58 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 0.4 mm.

Volume required in relation to a 1 km continuous line.

Dry layer thickness:

Thickness of wet film 300 μm 400 μm 600 μm
Dry layer thickness 180 μm 240 μm 360 μm

Calculation formula: line width (m) x line length (m) x volume (kg/m²) = volume required for area (kg)

Farbtöne Preco Cryl Kaltplastik 2K


  • 1023 Traffic yellow
  • 3009 Oxide red
  • 3013 Tomato red
  • 3020 Traffic red
  • 5017 Traffic blue
  • 6024 Traffic green
  • 7043 Traffic grey B
  • 9005 Black
  • 9010 White