Triflex TSS

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Triflex TSS stair coating system

Triflex TSS is a thick coating specially developed for use on stairs. The self-levelling mortar permanently withstands high mechanical loads on stairs. 

The stairs in the exterior areas are subject to extremely high mechanical loads. The projecting edges of the stairs in particular suffer greatly from the influence of wind and weather. This often leads to particles flaking off as a result of moisture-induced damage. A thick coating acts like a protective shield warding off external attack.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Durable: The coating is abrasion-resistant and permanently withstands high mechanical loads
  • Flat, safe surfaces: the self-levelling mortar levels out minor uneven patches and creates non-slip surfaces up to non-slip class R 12
  • Short closure periods: stairs are ready for full use again after only 2 hours after the final step
  • Can also be applied in low temperatures: the coating system can be applied in substrate temperatures down to 0°C
  • Colours and surfaces: surfaces can be creatively designed and finished in a range of colours using Triflex Chips Design, Triflex Colour Design and Triflex Creative Design

Surface design

Individual designs with Triflex liquid applied waterproofing: an attractively designed outdoor floor covering creates a personal ambience and plays a decisive role in the quality of living. Colourful colours, individual patterns and the surface texture make open spaces look lively. Triflex comes in a wide range of colours and designs offering almost limitless creativity. At the same time, the liquid plastic systems are functional and permanently protect surfaces from chemical and mechanical influences.  


Technical information

Triflex TSS

Stairs are subject to height mechanical and weather-related loads and have to be non-slip. Triflex TSS offers thick-layer protection, levels out surfaces, and even complex details such as balustrade posts are reliably waterproofed.
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