Solutions for roof greening

The challenges of roof greening

Layer structure with sustainable waterproofing of surface and details, reliable structural protection against moisture and root damage, compliance with “Technical rules for roofs with waterproofing”, DIN 18531 and DIN 18195 (depending on intended use).

The Triflex claim

Solutions for full-surface adhesion on various substrates, solutions for root and rhizome resistance, solutions for seamless waterproofing of even complicated details and geometries. Solved together.

Benefits of Triflex liquid plastic waterproofing for roof greening

  • Root- and rhizome-resistant: Sustainable waterproofing according to the guidelines of the Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Society (Landschaftsbau e. V. –FLL) and DIN EN 13948.
  • Easy, full-surface adhesion to most substrates: highly reliable application in combination with other materials as well.
  • Lasting protection of the structure against damp and moisture: long service life, longer intervals between refurbishments and considerable increase in property value.
  • Low net weight of system components: no impact on the structure.
  • Fleece-reinforced waterproofing of details, junctions, joints and surfaces: long-lasting waterproofing and maximum safety especially in areas subject to high loads.