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Triflex ProDrain balcony uncoupling system

Triflex ProDrain is a special solution which is ideal for refurbishing saturated substrates on balconies and terraces. Balcony coating and waterproofing solutions extend the life of balconies and roof terraces. In many cases, however, as the substrate ages it requires increasing amounts of refurbishment, for which the only solution is a tried-and-tested, reliable system. Refurbishment is often put off until the substrate is saturated or heavily soiled. At worst, the existing coverings are damaged or the substrate cracked. Substrates prone to slight movement can be just as problematic.

The centrepiece of the Triflex ProDrain ancillary system for balconies is a self-supporting decoupling sheet. It is the safe,  clean solution for soiled, cracked substrates through which moisture has penetrated. Triflex ProDrain ventilates the damp substrate, protecting the building structure. 

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Neutralised substrate moisture: moisture is dispersed in the form of water vapour via the many channels of the self-supporting uncoupling membrane
  • Ideal for refurbishments: no tedious and expensive removal of the old covering and rebuilding of sound substrates necessary
  • Short closure periods: after just 2 or 3 days, balconies and walkways can be fully utilised by residents again

Surface design

Individual designs with Triflex liquid applied waterproofing: an attractively designed outdoor floor covering creates a personal ambience and plays a decisive role in the quality of living. Colourful colours, individual patterns and the surface texture make open spaces look lively. Triflex comes in a wide range of colours and designs offering almost limitless creativity. At the same time, the liquid plastic systems are functional and permanently protect surfaces from chemical and mechanical influences.  


Technical information

Triflex ProDrain

Balconies and roof terraces are often only refurbished once the substrate is heavily saturated or contaminated. Cracks result, the load bearing construction is damaged, old tiles must be removed. Our solution avoids expensive and time-consuming refurbishment measures: special uncoupling technology together with the Triflex BTS-P balcony waterproofing system guarantees optimal ventilation, complete drying and rubble-free refurbishment.
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