Field report: ProLogis Park Teresin logistics warehouse

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Key facts: Waterproofing rainwater gutters

Teresin (PL)
526 m long rainwater gutter including 1,780 standing seams
Authorised Contractor
PHU Dekpo

ProLogis Park Teresin logistics warehouse (PL)

The ProLogis Park logistics centre in Teresin is an important goods reloading point and interim storage facility located about 50 km west of Warsaw. Weak points in the roof area were compromising faultless order picking of the stored products, and the operator ProLogis decided to refurbish using Triflex liquid applied waterproofing to avoid long-term damage. Despite a previous refurbishment with SBS bitumen membranes, water was penetrating the warehouse during heavy rainfall. The rainwater gutter
of the standing seam roof, consisting of approx. 1,780 standing seams, was permanently waterproofed with liquid applied waterproofing Triflex ProDetail to secure the long-term waterproofing of the roof.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Lasting protection of the structure against damp and moisture
  • Particularly good adhesion on transitions from metal to bitumen
  • Quick application
  • Reliable waterproofing of rainwater gutters and standing seams
  • Can be used in substrate temperatures from -5°C to +40°C
  • Meets the highest quality standards

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Priming with Triflex Cryl Primer 222
  2. Waterproofing with Triflex ProDetail including Triflex Special Fleece
  3. Finishing with Triflex Cryl Finish 205

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