25 years of Xperience: Durable waterproofing even for special roof shapes

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80 m connections + surface
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Großmann & Stühmeier GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen

25 years of experience: Durable waterproofing even for special roof shapes

25 years of quality proven. In 1999, the roof of the Meyer car dealership in Bad Oeynhausen was waterproofed. A special feature of the building is its round and slightly sloping roof surface, which has an internal water drainage system. Triflex ProDetail, a liquid applied waterproofing system based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), was used at the time. After more than 25 years, samples of the waterproofing were recently taken and tested. The result: To date, there have been no defects. This finding, in combination with an extended ETA test, now certifies that Triflex ProDetail has an expected service life of nearly 40 years.

Task: Waterproofing the interfaces seamlessly

  • In 1999, new waterproofing was carried out as part of a maintenance programme
  • Special attention was paid to the detail and interface waterproofing. For example, the fully bonded Triflex ProDetail provided continued integrity of waterproofing, securing the transition between the numerous skylight domes with the main area seamlessly.
  • The internal water supply and the parapet were also waterproofed with Triflex ProDetail.
  • Even after more than 25 years, the waterproofing is still intact and functional.
  • The test specimens taken from the Meyer car dealership were examined in detail and found to be in very good condition. In combination with an extended ETA test, Triflex ProDetail is now certified to have an extended service life of an expected 40 years.
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