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Different challenges arise when waterproofing details: How do I deal with connections on different substrates? What is the best way to seal a movement joint on parking decks or a gully on a balcony? Does my solution meet the requirements of EN 13948, SS-EN13707 or DIN 18531 to 18535?

With Triflex ProDetail, we offer you a liquid plastic-based solution for details like gutters, rooflights or pipes that you can use with long-term reliability for almost any waterproofing requirement in both new buildings and renovations. When it comes to more complicated details, with Triflex it's a case of "delivering solutions together!", because our expert advisors support you with the knowledge gained from over 40 years of construction site experience for your individual project.

Take a look at our references and find out what your colleagues think of working with Triflex. Or download for free our handbook about waterproofing details. Here, both, details and the experts who work on them day after day, receive the appreciation they deserve.

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For more information, illustration and inspiration, download our free handbook "Triflex detail solutions for waterproofing building structures" (updated 2nd issue)! 

In this white paper, we have compiled a collection of content for you that covers details, the associated solutions and cooperations, as well as our services. 

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Triflex Detail and System Finder: what's the right Triflex solution to your waterproofing challenge?

Whether roof, balcony or multi-storey car park, whether detail or surface waterproofing - Triflex products can be used in a variety of ways. With our detail and system finder, you have an overview at all times and can find the right solution for your challenge quickly and easily.

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Interviews with happy architects and planners using Triflex waterproofing solutions

Triflex offers the best solution when it comes to details like gutters, rooflights, edge profiles, vent pipes or joints. Safe and durable, with consistently high quality. Why this is so is reported by your five colleagues in interviews. Explore our our Triflex Blog for expert insights. Have fun with it!

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