Balcony refurbishment in Gustav-Mahler-Weg 1-9 Baldham

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Key facts: Attractive floor coating

1,250 m²
Authorised Contractor
Working group Arbeitsgemeinschaft Reinhard Knoll GmbH and Polyfloor GmbH, Munich

Balcony refurbishment in Gustav-Mahler-Weg 1-9 Baldham

Damage to the balconies of an extensive residential complex in Gustav-Mahler-Weg, Baldham, included crumbling plaster, loose tiling and moss formation at various points Leaky expansion joints and cracks in the balcony surfaces had let moisture penetrate into the structure and had led to massive damage to the reinforcement steel in places. The gradient which was insufficient in places intensified this consequence, as water was draining off too slowly, or sometimes not at all
and was therefore penetrating the substrate. The property management company Hammerla, Munich, decided to repair them to protect the building fabric permanently against moisture, to enhance the appearance of the many balconies and to make them usable again soon for the residents. After a precise situation analysis and a refurbishment scheme developed by Betontechnologische Ing.-Gesellschaft mbH, a working group from Munich, consisting of the specialist companies Reinhold Knoll GmbH and Polyfloor GmbH, was awarded the contract. The specialists waterproofed the balcony surfaces with their total area of over 1,250 m² using long-lasting Triflex BTS-P based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

Refurbishment requirements

  • New gradient formation for controlled drainage of rainwater
  • Secure integration of all details into the waterproofing
  • Crack-bridging and waterproofing system solution with low construction height
  • High-quality floor covering with durable waterproofing properties
  • Weather-resistant surface
  • Attractive colour design

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Removing the tile covering
  2. Installing a new drainage system
  3. Abrading the newly produced screed
  4. Priming the surface using Triflex Cryl Primer 276
  5. Detail waterproofing of wall connections and doors with Triflex ProDetail
  6. Sealing the surface with fleece-reinforced Triflex ProTerra
  7. Coating of the surface with Triflex ProFloor
  8. Surface with Triflex Colour Design (in red-orange and cream-beige)
  9. Waterproofing with Triflex Cryl Finish Satin

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