Triflex Detail Waterproofing - Interview with Michael Mohn

Michael Mohn, architect and partner, Patzschke Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin/Germany

"I use Triflex because it's the brand when it comes to detail waterproofing."

Triflex Detailvielfalt - Interview mit Michael Mohn

Project residential building, Berlin/Germany

In Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Bauwert AG built a 7-storey corner building with 37 flats to the design of Patzschke Architekten.

Many details, one solution

An attractive, demanding project that places high demands on the waterproofing. "In the field of waterproofing with liquid plastic, Triflex is a brand you can't get past," says Michael Mohn, architect, partner and office manager of Patzschke Architekten. Patzschke Planungsgesellschaft is 70% active in new construction, mainly in the residential sector, but its projects also include hotels and commercial buildings. Triflex systems are mainly used for balconies, terraces and arcades, as in the current project.

Details such as penetrations, connections to the structure, complex geometric shapes, waterproofing under external coverings as well as prefabricated waterproofing concrete elements for sound or heat insulation play an important role. Triflex ProDetail is almost always used for these challenges. This was also the case with the residential complex in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, where all balconies were waterproofed with Isokorb®.

A good partnership

Michael Mohn appreciates the very good product quality of Triflex, but also the personal and competent support. The contact with the responsible property manager is very good. Even if he needs feedback on technical details, the Triflex colleagues take care of it immediately. All in all, a good partnership under the motto "Delivering solutions together".

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