Triflex Detail Waterproofing - Interview with Edmund Ackermann

Edmund Ackermann, Dipl.-Ing., KuA-Consult GmbH, Darmstadt/Germany

"I use Triflex because I appreciate consistent quality."

Triflex Detailvielfalt - Interview mit Edmund Ackermann

Car park project, Worms/Germany

The new multi-storey car park in Worms/Germany, which was completed at the end of July 2020, is about 10,000 m² in size. The engineering company Prof. Dr. Kern and Dipl.-Ing. Edmund Ackermann, KuA-Consult GmbH, from Darmstadt/Germany is responsible for the planning and construction supervision. The large building consists of 2 top decks and 12 intermediate decks, plus 13 ramps.

Quickly passable, short closure times

In only 23 weeks, 10,000 m² of parking and roadway surfaces on 14 storeys were extensively coated. Rising structural elements, different substrates, such as steel and reinforced concrete at the edges, as well as expansion joints and drainage channels, are among the details that place special demands on the waterproofing. One challenge of the repair work carried out here was to quickly restore the trafficability. Therefore, the decision was made to use Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProPark Variant III, which also has a high crack bridging capacity.

The engineering firm KuA-consult GmbH primarily plans and supervises repair projects, which include balconies and multi-storey car parks. Edmund Ackermann sees many advantages in waterproofing with liquid plastic for both new construction and repair work: "In contrast to welded membranes that are safe to run behind, it is relatively easy to apply even to small areas that are difficult to access and to complicated detail connections. The aforementioned possibilities of shortening the closure times for repairs during operation and when there is a high volume of traffic are decisive criteria for planning with the aforementioned products.

Consistently high quality

Decisive factors for choosing Triflex systems for maintenance planning are not only consistently high quality - complaints would be rare - but also the advice provided by Triflex colleagues and the user-friendly website with CAD drawings and information for download.

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