Triflex Detail Waterproofing - Interview with mit H.-Klaus Bernard

H.-Klaus Bernard, Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Managing Director, Jost Rintelen Planer GmbH, Hamburg/Germany

"I use Triflex because the systems simply last longer."

Triflex Detailvielfalt - Interview mit H.-Klaus Bernard

Project residential complex, Seevetal/Germany

The answer to the question of how long he has known Triflex comes quickly: the company and the name Triflex have been familiar to the managing director of Jost Rintelen Planer GmbH, H.-Klaus Bernard, for 40 years now. He has been deliberately recommending the use of the waterproofing and coating systems for more than five years. The Hamburg-based architectural firm is active in both new construction and renovation and takes on tasks ranging from design and planning to construction management.

Full confidence

Triflex systems are mainly used in balcony renovation, where they are particularly valued for their good properties in bridging cracks and sealing details. Permanently elastic joints and the connection and sealing of drainage channels are the most common details. Triflex ProDetail is used for these.

H.-Klaus Bernard has full confidence in the quality of Triflex systems: "The covering is permanently sealed and simply lasts longer due to the additional fleece insert," the graduate architect knows.

More safety, good appearance

"When I use Triflex systems on the balcony, I feel much safer than with a tiled floor, for example," says Managing Director H.-Klaus Bernard. In addition, there is the good appearance, because the seamless and jointless waterproofing makes the floor appear even and uniform. This is also the case with the current project in Seevetal, about 25 kilometres south of Hamburg: 20 balconies, each 8 m long, are being renovated in a residential complex. The work was completed at the beginning of June. Triflex BTS-P was predominantly used to waterproof the details. Triflex Colour Design was chosen to finish the surfaces.

H.-Klaus Bernard is not only satisfied with the quality of the Triflex waterproofing and coating systems, but also with the support provided by the responsible Triflex project manager, with whom he maintains regular, intensive contact.

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