Triflex CPS-C+

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Underground car park coating with Triflex CPS-C+ coating

Condensation,  de-icing salt, petrol and oil introduced by vehicles are extremely hard on the floor covering and, by extension, on the fabric of enclosed areas of the car park.

Triflex CPS-C+, a coating system based on epoxy resin (EP) offers a simple, coloured system, if required, with increased anti-slip properties  due to the anti-slip effect of the quartz sand dressing.

   Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy to clean: all surfaces can be kept clean quickly and easily using conventional methods
  • System-integrated detail solutions: the system build-up is specially designed with fleece-reinforced detail solutions, in order to guarantee protection down to the smallest detail
  • Certified safety: the system build-up meets the requirements of Class OS 8 under DIN V 18026 and the Repair Guideline (Rili SIB) 2001, supplementary sheet 2005, fire classification Bfl-s1.
  • Colours: Triflex CPS-C+ is available in a range of colours to meet your exact requirements. This facilitates recognition and orientation among car park users and improves traffic safety
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Oberfläche Triflex Pox Finish 173+
Oberfläche Pox Finish 173+

Technical information

Triflex CPS-C+

Triflex CPS-C+ offers cost-effective protection for car park operators. The thin-layer system provides increased slip resistance and, at the same time, makes surfaces easier to clean.
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