Field report: Berne (CH) bicycle parking

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Key facts: Application of Triflex marking system

Bern (CH)
600 m²
Authorised Contractor
Wyssbrod AG, Gümligen

Berne (CH) bicycle parking

The largest bicycle rental system in Switzerland, “Velo Bern” by PubliBike AG, started work on the installation of 200 new rental stations in May 2018. In the final stage, the rental system will cover the entire city area with around 2,400 bicycles, which will be available at least every 300 metres. The colour for the markings needs to stand out clearly from the usual road markings to make the bicycle parking spaces in the public urban area unmistakable. In addition,
it must be UV-resistant, durable over the long term and dirt-repellent. The executing company opted for the proven Triflex marking system Preco Cryl Varioplastik 2K. The bike parking areas were marked within a very short time and could be unambiguously identified as such by local cyclists, commuters as well as tourists.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Fast curing and execution
  • High mechanical strength
  • Fully bonded
  • Weather-resistant (UV, IR, etc.)
  • Short closure periods
  • Long-life

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Cleaning and removing the substrate
  2. Pre-marking the area to be marked
  3. Stirring the Preco Cryl Varioplastik 2K in RAL shade 4007 purple violet
  4. Mixing in powder catalyst
  5. Applying the structure marking using a Plastomarker Junior hand machine

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