Bus stop in Ulm

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Key facts: Creation of orientation system for the blind

17 tiles with raised dots, 30 × 30 cm; 30 ribbed tiles, 60 × 30 cm
Authorised Contractor
Kugler Straßen- u. Tiefbau GmbH, 89081 Ulm

Bus stop in Ulm

A newly constructed bus stop in Ulm needed to be upgraded with tactile markings for the blind. This a stop made of Kassel kerbs and the installation area was created using concrete slabs measuring 30 × 30 cm, with the visual demarcation from the Kassel kerb being black paving stones. The city of Ulm was looking for a solution that would allow the tactile markings for the blind to be applied without needing to close the bus stop for long, and without having to set up a replacement stop. After a product demonstration, the civil engineering company was commissioned to apply the Triflex tactile marking system. The civil engineering work would have taken a whole day to complete; in contrast, the Triflex solution took just an hour and a half to apply. And it was all done without having to interrupt the flow of traffic. This equates to a time saving of almost 90%, with an equivalent end result. The project demonstrates that using the Triflex tactile marking system means smaller projects can be carried out in the shortest possible time.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Resistance to frost and de-icing salt
  • DIN-compliant geometry
  • Very good tactile recognition for blind people

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Cleaning and sweeping the substrate
  2. Masking the surface to be marked
  3. Priming the surface to be marked
  4. Stirring the cold plastic with a whisk
  5. Adding hardener and mixing the cold plastic with the hardener using a whisk.
  6. Distributing the cold plastic using a notched trowel
  7. Placing and lightly pressing in guide plates for the blind into the adhesive layer.
  8. Removing adhesive tape, job finished

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