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Triflex HeatTec surface heating system

High-traffic areas and squares which are exposed to the weather are some of the areas on which particularly high demands are placed in terms of reliability and safety – 24 hours a day, all year round. These areas are often exposed to extreme external influences, especially in the cold winter months: snow, freezing rain or hail can turn squares, roads and paths into dangerous skid zones within seconds. In such cases, immediate action is necessary, as the safety of pedestrians and vehicles takes top priority. Triflex has now developed a coordinated solution that protects ramps, spiral ramps, entrances and exits, roads and paths against the effects of weather, making them safe for vehicles and pedestrians. Thanks to the combination of Triflex liquid-applied waterproofing and the Triflex HeatTec heating laminate, surfaces are uniformly heated and given long-term protection against damage and moisture. The result is ice-free and, ultimately, safe paths and driveways.

The operating voltage for the heating is 230 V. The benefits of a coating that protects the concrete against environmental influences are combined with a heating system that keeps surfaces free from snow and ice. The system keeps energy consumption to a minimum, as the control unit only responds to the reference temperatures of the road surface, and heating is only activated with the additional presence of moisture.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Thin-layer system build-ups: the entire system build-up including the surface protection system has a build-up height of approx. 10 mm, making it suitable for use at the prescribed construction heights without any problems.
  • Energy saving: the near-surface heating level optimises the heating picture and heating times, while significantly reducing energy consumption and costs compared to conventional systems
  • Design: the surfacing solution is available in a range of colours. This improves traffic safety and facilitates recognition and orientation among car park users
  • System-integrated detail solutions: the cured resin forms a seamless and joint-free surface
  • Certified safety: Triflex ProPark has obtained a Class OS 10 General Building Supervisory Authority Test Certificate (abP) in accordance with the Building Regulations List A, Part 2, No. 2.24. A test report attests the joint functionality of Triflex ProPark and Triflex HeatTec
  • Long-lasting protection: the Triflex ProPark system withstands high mechanical loads, which extends refurbishment intervals by several years. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced. The Triflex Cryl M 264 surfacing solution meets the strictest requirements of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) – Traffic Class P7 to DIN EN 13197. This classification is based on a wear test of 4 million cycles
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Benefits and application examples of heatable surfaces

The benefits of heatable surfaces Areas of application:
Minimised risk of accidents for vehicles and pedestrians Ramps, spiral ramps, entrance and exit areas
No damage to the surfaces made by grit or sand,
since no snow clearance or gritting services are required
Loading ramps
No frost damage to the substrate Pedestrian crossings
“De-icing salts prohibited”
which applies in many councils is not an issue
Escape routes
Extra convenience for users and owners Outdoor steps, terraces and footpaths
Winter safety Helicopter landing pads

Technical information

Triflex HeatTec

The Triflex HeatTec system was developed as a surface heating system for car park entrance and exit areas. It can withstand the high mechanical and chemical loads required in these areas.
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