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Waterproofing of settlement joints using Triflex ProJoint

Top decks and parking decks are often large areas which are subject to severe loads and stresses. Settlement joints absorb the movements from
subsidence, expansion and shifting caused by dynamic live loads. Only when these joints too are reliably sealed is the parking deck’s waterproofing or coating able to provide secure protection for the concrete substrate. Triflex ProJoint, made of fleece-reinforced liquid-applied waterproofing, is a joint-spanning waterproofing system which is reinforced with an edge protector. Settlement joints and surfaces can be waterproofed with the same resin. There is no need to change materials.

   Your benefits at a glance

  • Waterproof down to the smallest detail: made of fleece-reinforced liquid-applied waterproofing, the settlement joint waterproofing system Triflex ProJoint forms a homogeneous surface. The friction-locked bond between the waterproofing and the substrate prevents rainwater infiltration
  • Flexible use:  Triflex ProJoint allows even complex structural joints, height differences and different joint widths to be seamlessly and reliably waterproofed with a simple system. The system requires a set-up height of only approx. 6 millimetres, which can be milled into the concrete substrate
  • Long-lasting protection:  with Triflex ProJoint, the maintenance joint – reinforced by a metal profile – has high mechanical strength and is abrasion-resistant. It extends refurbishment intervals by years
  • Certified safety: the quality of the waterproofing component is certified by a test report. The waterproofing is root- and rhizome-resistant in line with FLL specifications. It is function-tested (dynamic loading at -20°C to +50°C) by an external test institute

Technical information

Triflex ProJoint

Settlement joints absorb the movements from subsidence, expansion and shifting in the building structure. Triflex ProJoint adapts flexibly to the conditions of the joint structure and thus seamlessly and safely seals even difficult structures. Height differences can therefore also be easily bridged.
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