Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K

Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K is used for type I and type II markings as a closed-finish line, profiled or agglomerate marking.

Preco Cryl Kaltplastik 2K

Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K is a solvent-free, 2-component product with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin base. It enables type I and type II markings to be applied in the form of closed-finish line marking as well as agglomerates and profiles. Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K is particularly suitable for roads with high traffic volumes and high requirements for night visibility. However, Triflex cold plastic products are also used in industrial buildings and multi-storey car parks with high requirements for wear-resistance. 

Preco Cryl products are suitable for bituminous surfaces as well as concrete substrates (with Triflex Than Primer L 1K). They can be applied by machine using an extruder and screed box technique as well as manually using a screed box, smoothing trowel or a knifing putty

  • Line markings with a smooth finish, agglomerate or profiled markings
  • Temporary type II agglomerate markings in yellow
  • Road signs
  • Tactile markings for the blind
  • Creation of design surfaces
Preco Cryl Kaltplastik 2K

System set-up

  1. Triflex Than Primer L 1K – for sealing the concrete substrate and ensuring substrate adhesion
  2. Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K – for closed-textured, agglomerate or profiled markings
  3. Drop-on materials mix – according to the relevant BASt test certificate

Material consumption

Preco Cryl Cold Plastic 2K, density approx. 1.9 g/cm³

Closed-finish line marking Required volume approx. 4.50 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 2.5 mm. Volume required in relation to a 1 km continuous line.
Agglomerate marking Required volume approx. 2.20 kg/m². Volume required in relation to a 1 km line.
Profiled marking Required volume approx. 6.50 kg/m² with a layer thickness of 3 to 5 mm.
Volume required in relation to a 1 km line.

Calculation formula: line width (m) x line length (m) x volume (kg/m²) = volume required for area (kg)

Farbtöne Preco Cryl Kaltplastik 2K


  • 1023 Traffic yellow
  • 3013 Tomato red
  • 3020 Traffic red
  • 5017 Traffic blue
  • 6024 Traffic green
  • 7043 Traffic grey B
  • 9005 Black
  • 9010 White

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