Triflex SAM – Taking waterproofing to a new level

Triflex SAM – Taking waterproofing to a new level

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Mechanical application is not uncommon on construction sites, but we at Triflex have a new innovation for your projects that makes the large-area application of two-component liquid plastic easier, faster and safer. With our Triflex SAM (Spray Application Machine), it will be possible for contractors to carry out waterproofing and coating work on large areas by machine in the future. In practice, this means:

"Twice the performance with half the manpower"

With spray application, Triflex SAM enables almost all of our two-component Triflex products to be applied to large areas such as flat roofs, balconies and car park decks. In contrast to manual application, machine application is up to four times faster, more ergonomic thanks to upright application and sustainable, as the use of IBCs saves on container waste - and Triflex SAM delivers these benefits with consistent quality.

Are you curious about how Triflex SAM works in practice? 

Find out more at triflex-sam-waterproofing-on-a-new-level

Become part of the Triflex SAM crew and implement large-scale projects on roofs, car parks and balconies even more easily, quickly and safely.

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