Tense Situation on the Commodity Market

Urgent Update for Triflex Customers

Tense Situation on the Commodity Market

Tense situation on the commodity market

Since the beginning of the year, the situation on the international raw materials markets has worsened dramatically. Delivery delays and failures in the purchase of raw materials, but also bottlenecks in packaging materials and pallets have led to the availability of materials being severely limited. The shortage of raw materials coupled with rising global demand has led to a sharp rise in prices in recent weeks. Not only chemicals are affected, but also other important products such as wood, steel and insulation materials. Further information can also be found in the letter from Deutsche Bauchemie and DSGS.

Triflex is also clearly feeling the effects of this development. We observe the markets with the greatest care and act with the highest responsibility towards our customers. Our top priority is to continue to guarantee our ability to deliver. In addition, we are doing everything we can to keep the prices for our products and systems stable for as long as possible. However, we cannot yet foresee the extremely dynamic development and must therefore reserve the right to make price adjustments. We recommend that you, for your part, inform your clients of the situation described above and agree individual contractual price opening clauses for future contracts in order to enable the adjustment of contracts in the event of corresponding price increases.

We will keep you informed about further developments and thank you for your trust. We are confident that we will successfully navigate this difficult situation together with you.