Field report: gas storage tank in Empelde Hannover

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Key facts: Refurbishment of gas storage roofs

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Laue Bedachungen GmbH, Burgwedel

Gas storage tank in Empelde Hannover

For almost three decades, the Empelde natural gas storage tank has ensured the security of supply in the Hanover region. In order to meet the growing demand for storage capacities, the Gasspeicher Hannover GmbH (GHG) gas storage tank has been continuously modernising and expanding its facilities for years. In order to prevent leaks in the roof area, penetrations were made in the trapezoidal sheet metal
of the flat roof reinforced with fleece using the detail waterproofing system Triflex ProDetail waterproofing. The 2-component, fast-setting
waterproofing resin based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) was developed especially for such details and is used for repairing leaky joints in particular. The product provides long-lasting protection and achieves excellent adhesion to metal. Even at temperatures as low as -5°C and, thanks to an additional fleece inlay Triflex ProDetail provides a crack-bridging and backflow-proof seal with cold application possible.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Adhesion to trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Fleece reinforced waterproofing of numerous penetrations
  • Repair of leaky connection areas
  • Application despite onset of cold and changeable weather conditions
  • Rapid refurbishment

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Long-term protection by waterproofing the roof penetrations
  2. Sealing the air vent with Triflex ProDetail
  3. Sealing upstands and details wet-on-wet with fleece inlay
  4. Adapting the cold-applied Triflex liquid applied waterproofing like a second skin to any shapes
  5. Harm Stelling, master roofer and responsible area sales manager at Triflex (right in picture) advises and supports directly on the construction site
  6. Overview of the completely refurbished roof area


Reiner Köhnke, waterproofing specialist at Laue Bedachungen GmbH

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