Triflex Detail Waterproofing - Interview with Andreas Aumann

Andreas Aumann, Dipl. Ing. Architect, Aumann Architectural Office, Wiesbaden/Germany

"I use Triflex because it has the right solution for all details."

Triflex Detailvielfalt - Interview mit Andreas Aumann

Residential project, Wiesbaden/Germany

Andreas Aumann can still remember the first balconies where Triflex was used, even though it is now 25 years ago. In a listed villa in Wiesbaden, 50 balusters small columns supporting a balcony railing were to be waterproofed, between which drainage water had to be guided along in a channel. The solution for this demanding task was liquid plastic from Triflex! That it was a good decision is proven by the fact that Andreas Aumann still trusts in Triflex quality today.

A wide range of applications

The architectural office of the same name in Wiesbaden handles a wide range of projects: The architect Andreas Aumann has had very good experiences with Triflex in the renovation of balconies as well as flat roofs, staircases and multi-storey car parks. The waterproofing requirements are always different: "On balconies, for example, the focus is on metal surfaces, penetrations, damp substrates or low door connection heights," he reports. With flat roofs, it's the wall connections or working without a flame. And with stairs, there are basically many aspects to consider, such as slopes or drainage. "For me, stairs are folded flat roofs and are often underestimated," Aumann finds. 

Currently, 54 balconies of an apartment building in Wiesbaden are being waterproofed with Triflex. Triflex ProDetail is being used for the connections to the exposed aggregate concrete parapet and the rear guide for the roller shutters, and Triflex Creative Design for the surface finish.

Advantages of support and direct sales

Andreas Aumann sees many advantages in using Triflex systems: The fast, year-round application, the ability to be reworked even after several years, the waterproofing under different substrates, to name just a few. Further plus points for him are also the very good support from the responsible area sales manager, the direct sales and the qualified installers: "I think it's good that Triflex can only be installed by trained specialist tradesmen. That gives me planning security.

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