Field report: Brauerei Diebels Issum

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Key facts: Waterproofing detailed roof

Période des travaux
300 m²
Johannes Gravendyck Bedachungen GmbH, Geldern

Brauerei Diebels Issum

An industrial roof often features complicated junctions, superstructures and penetrations. In many cases, its functionality can also lead to waterproofing difficulties. The more complex and detailed the roof, the higher the requirements on the waterproofing material. Depending on the industry, a loss of production due to leaky roof surfaces can quickly lead to damage running into millions. Liquid applied waterproofing has been successfully proving its worth on this difficult terrain for
years. In summer 2000, the Privatbrauerei Diebels Issum private brewery commissioned Gravendyck Bedachungen, Geldern to refurbish a particularly complicated roof on its brewhouse using liquid applied waterproofing Triflex ProDetail. On an area of only 300 m², 70 m of wall connections, 20 m junctions to various iron girders, two 1.00 x 1.00 m skylights, three pipes with a diameter of 1 metre as well as 50 pipe penetrations with a diameter of 5 cm to 40 cm had to be safely integrated. There was also another requirement: the material must be able to withstand the emissions arising from beer production over a long period of time.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Waterproofing of junctions, penetrations and skylights
  • Material must withstand emissions from beer production
  • Adhesion to existing substrate
  • Application despite low working heights under the pipes and sloping surfaces

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Cleaning the dry substrate of the old bitumen waterproofing, loose parts were removed.
  2. Applying the first layer of Triflex ProDetail with a fur roller (at least 2.0 kg/m²)
  3. Embedding Triflex Special Fleece (110 g/m²) with at least 5 cm overlap of the fleece strips
  4. Applying another layer of Triflex ProDetail to the finished liquid waterproofing of at least 2 mm (at least 1.0 kg/m²)

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