Triflex Manhole Frame Filler

Triflex FrameGrout

Triflex Manhole Frame Filler is used for filling manhole frames when refurbishing manhole covers and can be used for both conventional and self-levelling roll-in manhole covers.

  The benefits at a glance: 

  • No cutting and compression work or large equipment required: lower costs
  • Immediate compressive strength after completion of the renovation work: no damage to the freshly refurbished manhole head.
  • Fewer working steps and lower personnel costs: shorter working hours and higher daily output.
  • Fast preparation, fast application: faster return to use of the construction site for traffic
  • No bitumen joint tape (e.g. Tok tape) necessary: lower material costs
  • Low energy consumption: lower energy costs
  • Safe and durable: no water ingress in the edge area between manhole and asphalt
Sanierungsbeispiel Triflex Schachtrahmenverguss

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