Barnimstraße Berlin women’s prison

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Key facts: Application of coloured markings

Période des travaux
1000 m²
R. Czyborra road marking, 10318 Berlin

Barnimstraße Berlin women’s prison.

Berlin’s central women’s prison, just five minutes away from Alexanderplatz, stood for more than a hundred years. The most prominent political prisoner here was Rosa Luxemburg. The ground plan of the building, which was demolished in 1974, now has practice streets for a youth traffic school. An audio production by the artist Christoph Mayer will now be opening the doors into the perceptual worlds of women and through the now extinct prison building. Large, coloured markings on the pavement act as a permanent anchorage in this urban space and leads visitors to the site which was previously hidden from view. Mayer
needed a special shade for this. As this is a public urban area, the paint needed to stand out clearly from the usual road markings and be UV-resistant, durable and dirt-repellent. All suppliers recommended Triflex to him in their tender documents. And so Mayer opted for Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K.

Refurbishment requirements

  • High mechanical strength
  • Fully bonded
  • Weather-resistant (UV, IR, etc.)
  • Fast-curing
  • Short closure periods
  • Long-life

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. Masking the surfaces to be marked.
  2. Stirring Triflex Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K in design RAL tone 21.080 and adding powder catalyst to mixture.
  3. Adding strong grain to the mixture, then rubbing lightly.
  4. After drying, applying and fixing the lettering stencils.
  5. Stirring Triflex Preco Cryl High-Friction Plastic 2K in black for marking and adding powder catalyst to mixture.

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