Triflex Detail Waterproofing - Interview with Uwe Müller

Uwe Müller, Managing Director Architekturbüro Laskowski & Müller, Darmstadt/Germany

"I use Triflex because it keeps me on the safe side."

Triflex Detailvielfalt - Interview mit Uwe Müller

Project Residential complex, Mühltal/Germany

For 20 years now, the architectural office of Laskowski & Müller from Darmstadt has relied on the quality of Triflex waterproofing systems, which are used primarily for the renovation of balconies. In this area, cracks in the substrate, different materials, geometrically demanding shapes and details such as wall connections to doors, windows and penetrations place increased demands on the systems to be used.

Safety in balcony renovation

This also applied to the renovation of a total of 76 balconies in a residential complex in Mühltal, Hesse. The balcony slabs with a length of up to 40 metres and projections of up to 1.50 metres showed numerous cracks. This was also one of the reasons why Uwe Müller, Managing Director of the architectural firm Laskowski & Müller, opted for the Triflex ProDrain and Triflex ProDetail systems for the detail waterproofing. "It has to be tight, even if there is little space," says Uwe Müller. The high crack bridging of 3 millimetres is an important criterion here, "because the balconies are heavily used and must be usable again for many years after the renovation," explains Uwe Müller. The certification and classification in accordance with the current test certificates and the options for finishing the surfaces, for example with Triflex Chips Design, also speak in favour of Triflex.

The renovation of the first construction phase was scheduled for 2020/2021. Afterwards, the balconies were once again available to the users in perfect condition, as already implemented on other projects.

Building knowledge together

Hundreds of balconies in the greater Frankfurt/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt area in Germany have already been waterproofed with Triflex systems under the management of Uwe Müller. However, the managing director praises not only the quality of the Triflex material, but also the good professional support from the Triflex colleagues on site and the technical advice. In this way, an ever-growing pool of knowledge could be built up together, from which all sides benefit.

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