Triflex ProFibre technical details

Triflex ProFibre - technical details

Triflex ProFibre: detail waterproofing of intricate roof structures

According to the Flat Roof Guidelines of the German Roofing Trade Association and to DIN 18531, roof waterproofing must be carried out with fleece reinforcement. Triflex ProFibre is a special solution that reliably waterproofs complicated roof structures outside the Code of Practice. The roof waterproofing system can be applied at low temperatures and adheres to almost all substrates in common use. Tested for its fire-resistant properties, it has fire classification as per DIN EN 13501-5: BRoof (t1) and DIN EN 13501-1: Class E (approx. B2).

System set-up

Triflex ProFibre


Triflex ProFibre

Triflex ProFibre

Triflex ProFibre is used for structurally hard-to-reach details, where it is impossible to use a fleece-reinforced waterproofing system.

Min. 3.00 kg/m² on a smooth, even surface
Product information

Exceptional quality. Exceptional conformity.

Triflex products give you complete peace of mind whatever the application. We regard continuous
internal and external quality controls in production and extensive field tests prior to market launch as essential.

Tests and certificates
Big Dutchman, Tarnowo Podgórne (PL)
State Opera Hanover historical copper roof
Altes Gerberhaus, Wels (AT)
RWE Hamm power plant
Flat roof of a technical wholesale company Duisburg
Metalldach Industriehalle Pirmasens
Metal roof on an industrial warehouse in Pirmasens
Water tower dome roofs at GELSENWASSER AG Essen
Brauerei Diebels Issum
Sawtooth roofs of a car dealership in Berlin

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